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10 Best Vegetarian Protein Sources to Fuel Your Body

Eating a vegetarian or vegan diet packed with protein is key to keeping your energy…

ByBynutribeastDec 27, 20237 min read

The Cross Legged Meditation Pose and Physical Well-being

The cross-legged meditation pose or the Lotus pose is a powerful tool to improve physical…

ByBynutribeastJul 11, 20237 min read

10-Minute Beginner Meditation: Find Inner Peace

I bet you are bored with lengthy meditation practices, but don’t worry, this 10-Minute Beginner…

ByBynutribeastJul 5, 20238 min read

Short Meditation for Beginners: Serenity Starts Here

Meditation is a powerful practice that can benefit our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. However,…

ByBynutribeastJul 5, 20236 min read